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According to the Church fathers, Adam did not have a beard until after the fall,
the beard a result of a goatish, lustful fallen nature.
Similarly, for the same reason, the prelapsarian angels did not have beards.
Sorry, I can't remember where I read this.
Stella Revard

Quoting "Gilliatt, Cynthia Ann - gilliaca" <gilliaca at jmu.edu>: ..
> So, either the angels gave them scissors, or they would have used slivers of
> basalt. With this "or," Milton indicates that he's aware of such questions,
> one jump ahead of your students.
> Prelapsarian A&E are humans and would be expected to have all normal and
> healthy human physical characteristics, including hair that grows. Some
> paintings show Adam with a beard.
> Michael
> Just to be a pest, how about finger and toe nails?  And speaking of bodily
> details, have any of you used or thought to use the A at E part of  R. Crumb
> "Genesis" as a supplement to PL?
> C
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