[Milton-L] "knew not eating death"

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Thanks to all who have responded to this query -- and to those who've 
generally been posting on the awkward Grecism of line 9.792.

I'm trying to work through some ideas on this issue and have posted my inchoate 
thoughts on today's blog entry at my Gypsy Scholar blog:


In case anyone is interested . . .

Jeffery Hodges

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How would one scan this line (PL 9.792):
"And knew not eating death: Satiate at length"
Is the scanning significantly different from its context (PL 9.791-4):
Greedily she ingorg'd without restraint,
And knew not eating Death: Satiate at length,
And hight'nd as with Wine, jocond and boon,
Thus to her self she pleasingly began.
Where could I find a metrical analysis of PL?
Jeffery Hodges
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