[Milton-L] "knew not eating metrical death" Correction & apology

Carl Bellinger bcarlb at comcast.net
Tue Aug 3 08:13:13 EDT 2010

      Correction. The highlighted www link in my previous email was ill 
placed and must seem a link to Brogan's comments on Bridges' famous study, 
which it ain't. It's a link to a copy of the whole study itself, the 1901 
edition of Robert Bridges' "Milton's Prosody," put there on the chance Prof. 
Hodges might care to have a look at it. Brogan's detailed assessment of 
Bridges' work shows up later in that email.
         I must apologize also for another post, the one just prior ["no, 
but also yes"], which in the light of day proves dense beyond repair.

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