[Milton-L] Eve in PL:independant character ?

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Thu Sep 24 12:39:46 EDT 2009

Prof Lares wrote:


You write, inter alia,
> > "For example, in L´Allegro we notice that goddesses (and not gods) are related to beauty, youth, delight. "
> But in this instance is Milton not just conventionally depicting abstract qualities as feminine, following the grammatical gender they usually had in Latin?


Dear Mr Lares:  the point that I wish to make is that regardless of the Latin grammatical gender, what seems to be obvious is that a goddess is definitely a female deity and not a male deity. This fact, I suppose, reflects the historical gender roles of any given culture depending on which goddess we may be talking about. It seems to me that Milton mentions goddesses whose features have traditionally been more related to feminine features than male´s.

Nevertheless, this is just one single aspect of the point that I was trying to make in the previous e-mail.


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