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Dear scholars,
Before sending you this question, I have gone through all the previous e-mails during the past 3 years just to make sure that the topic had never come up before. Forgive me if I missed it.
I have been thinking lately about the possibility that Milton´s Eve and the way she is depicted in PL may be somehow very much related to Milton´s own life, his previous works and the way he characterizes other female / feminine characters. Although it is obvious that he follows Christian tradition and refers to the Bible very often, I was wondering that perhaps Eve in PL shares many of the features that Milton grants to other female / feminine characters. For example, in L´Allegro we notice that goddesses (and not gods) are related to beauty, youth, delight. In Il Penseroso we read about Vesta, who is the goddess of household. In SA we perceive that Dalila is a weak woman as she informs the Philistines about her husband´s hair / strength. In Comus we have The Lady, who some may regard as naïve... Has anybody thought of the possibility that somehow, Eve in PL might be a mere development of Milton´s early female characters or, on the contrary, she is an independent character with no relation to others?
Can anybody refer to any ideas / sources that may shed light on this topic ?
Thank you 
Dario Gomez Escudero
(Warsaw, Poland)

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