[Milton-L] Gardens revisited

Nancy Charlton nbcharlton at comcast.net
Fri Sep 18 18:11:27 EDT 2009

Halloo everyone,

After nearly four months without a working computer I am happily 
restored to the Comcast fold. This week I have been catching up on 
Milton-L and am up to mid-June(working backward from September).

As a very belated addition to the June thread on gardens, I'd like to 
recommend John Tatter's web site:


This came to me originally from Wordsmith, when a word of the day ws 
"ha-ha."  Tatter some years ago work on repairing the ha-ha at Stowe in 
Buckinghamshire, and his pictures and essay on Augustan aesthetics could 
shed some light. Michael Gillum mentioned Pope's grotto as an example of 
a literal "paradise," i.e. walled garden, and I find it a faxcinating 
paradox that where the ideal was an unbroken view, uncluttered by 
livestock and as vast as the fortunes of any who maintained it, the 
garden was actually "walled" by a very pretty ditch that could be very 

Nancy Charlton
--Whose garden this year, alas, consisted only of two pots of basil!

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