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'Well, that was exactly what I was asking.
I originally wanted to know if Milton ever gave an answer to the question raised in the temptation scene in which Satan brings Eve to the point of wondering if God is the true God. Milton was implicitly raising the question in his readers' minds, it seemed to me, and I therefore asked others on the Milton List if Milton offers an answer in Paradise Lost.
Jeffery Hodges

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Yes, but you still serve a purpose by asking such questions or posing such positions.  When I use this device in class, it's simply to provoke discussion.  What do you think was Milton's purpose?

Jim R

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As I understand the expression "devil's advocate," it means to propose a position that one does not oneself accept but that one thinks deserves to be addressed. I used it in that sense -- but with an implicitly ironic allusion to Satan in the PL text (as a bit of humor).

Jeffery Hodges

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