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James Rovira jamesrovira at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 16:37:57 EDT 2009

Apologies if I misunderstood you, Jeffery, but I till can't say that I do at
present.  If you believe that Milton was playing "devil's advocate" (a term
that would be taken literally for the text of PL), then either you mean he
was using PL to ask a rhetorical question (for which he assumed an answer),
or literally advocating for the devil in order to challenge then-current
beliefs about God.  It's possible to pose this challenge from an orthodox
point of view, but I'm curious what you think was the content of this

Jim R

<<I didn't think of the 'God' question as simply "rhetorical" if that means
that no answer would be offered. I don't actually recall using the term
"rhetorical," for that matter, though one *could* also provide an answer to
a rhetorical question. But perhaps you're referring to my recent remark
about Milton raising the question as a "devil's advocate"?

At any rate, I'm not a Gnostic, I don't think that Milton was one, and I
take it that we now understand each other.

Jeffery Hodges>>
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