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Could Eve's "desires," "leanings," "temptations" be manifestations of Milton's attempt to reconcile the divine and the human entelechy? As there are certain aspects of human nature that remain static, there are aspects that reach for dynamism. Milton's God is static; his Satan dynamic- should it be a surprise that his Eve embodies both: the stasis of the Roman Church and the celestial motion of Galileo? As confounding is Eve's "motive," so is Milton's. And should it be a surprise that she opts for motion? Her movement is away from Adam, but toward herself, not Satan; that he gets in the way is a mirror of the human condition.I sense the lack of agreement on this issue is a reflection of not only Milton's dilemma, but also Eve's. Perhaps a characteristically "modern" notion that one must fulfill oneself before comprehending one's "cosmic" role to participate in any act that transcends the individual. (And Milton's forever attempt to understand women)To "justify the ways of God to man" may also be a bit of bravado- a Beowulfian boast to keep Milton going, to work out this knot in representational form rather than theological.

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