[Milton-L] Eve's curls (reply to William Moeck)

James Rovira jamesrovira at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 16:38:11 EDT 2009

I think the chief point of Harold Skulsky's post still needs to be
kept in mind: should prelapsarian Eve have been created with any
inherent flaw or moral imperfection, the fault for her sin would lie
at God's feet, not hers, because God is her creator, and she is acting
as she has been created.  PL would not be much of a justification of
God's ways to man if God created beings who wanted to sin.  So if Eve
seeks something wrong for her to have, she does so because she
perceives it as a good.  If she seeks to be tested, it is to make
herself a stronger person.  Adam's and Eve's motives cannot be
impugned (theoretically) without also casting some aspersion upon God.

Jim R

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