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Your question is an apt one, Jeffery. I haven't looked back over all the old posts to see (haven't time at the moment), but I don't recall anyone asserting or suggesting that Eve was "seeking temptation." (In fact, I believe that I said quite the opposite.) Indeed, she seeks "trial," in the sense of "testing," being "proven," to my mind (as I said earlier) in the firm belief that she is capable of withstanding whatever the Tempter can dish out. She makes the same mistake that Redcrosse makes with Error, and that Guyon makes in Mammon's Cave: that of underestimating the power of the foe, in this case, the Adversary of God. Milton's Samson errs similarly in thinking that he can withstand the power of Dagon--that it is he, and not God within him--who will defeat the fishy deity. The grandest failure of the type is of course Lucifer's, when he underestimates the power of the Son, first in the persona of the unfallen archangel, and again in the guise of the old man in the earthly desert. The Son, on the other hand, understands that it is the Father's power channeled through him that will defeat Satan, in the War in Heaven, in the wilderness, and on the pinnacle--and therefore he prevails.

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