[Milton-L] Eve's curls (reply to William Moeck)

alan horn alanshorn at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 22:53:32 EDT 2009

 BUT the questions
> at issue are totally muddled by  this crude use of "patriarchy" as
> though (a) it was a perfectly clear concept (it is NOT), (b) that it was
> a general label for all forms of male supremacy (it is NOT - at least
> when used with any historical consciousness)

Well, Carrol, if the concept is not clear I feel entitled to continue
to use it in its conventionally broad sense. Unless you would like to
explain why it's best reserved for a more specific application, or can
direct me to historically informed discussion of its use.

No organization of social
> relations is ever seriously defended until it has first been seriously
> challenged. No such challenge had been raised to male supremacy in
> Milton's day,

This is a good point. I thought of that and debated trying to revise
my argument accordingly.

In fact, it's precisely this absence of challenge to male authority in
the period even among the radical elements to Milton's left that I was
trying to evoke in my response to Harold Skulsky's demand for
"appropriate background evidence."


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