[Milton-L] Areopagitica audio reading on iTunes

David Ainsworth dainsworth at bama.ua.edu
Thu Sep 3 12:57:13 EDT 2009

I have found that students have trouble following Milton's prose.

In the belief that hearing his prose read aloud might help students with 
their comprehension, I have started to record readings of his work. 
They will be available as I complete them via the University of 
Alabama's iTunes page.  If I can sneak a little Milton onto a student's 
Shuffle, I will be content.

As I started work on this recording, Internet Archive posted a complete 
reading of Areopagitica on their site.  I haven't listed to the entire 
audio, but I thought I'd provide a link as some may prefer this version:

Here's a direct link to my reading of Areopagitica on iTunes:

Or, if that link is too unwieldy, you can reach this recording and 
future ones from this page:

Next on my slate will be "Of Education," which may be also be of general 
use.  I expect there will be fewer takers for an audio version of 
Eikonoklastes, but one will be in the cards at some point in the future, 
I hope, along with the rest of Milton's prose output.  (I expect some of 
these projects will need to be group efforts.)

If anyone is interested in undertaking a recording, or part of one, feel 
free to e-mail me at dainsworth at bama.ua.edu.


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