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No doubt that Michael G is the good angel here (or perhaps, I should say, as we 
do here on the south side of Chicago, the baddest).

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>   According to the estimable Michael Lieb, their
>   embraces were dutiful rather than lively. However, I
>   think in his reading of "nor turned I ween / Adam
>   from his fair spouse, nor Eve the rites / Mysterious
>   of connubial love refused," Lieb misses the tone. It
>   is a litotes. Do others agree?
>   Speaking to Raphael at 8.522-30, Adam describes the
>   sexual consummation as "the sum of earthly bliss."
>   He feels "vehement desire." Regarding Eve,
>   "transported I behold, / Transported touch. . . ."
>   He is madly in love, and it is a sexual passion as
>   well as having other dimensions.
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