[Milton-L] "The liveliest pair"

Dennis Danielson danielso at interchange.ubc.ca
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My most embarrassing slip of the knife (so to speak) came some years ago 
when I was reading Book 7 aloud to students and my rogue tongue uttered 
Milton's lines as if he had written:

Then staid the fervid Wheeles, and in his hand
He took the golden Compasses, prepar'd
In Gods Eternal store, to circumcise
This Universe, and all created things


Mario A. DiCesare wrote:
> Dear All,
> What do you call a vocal "typo"? The most amusing one I recall during a 
> discussion among Miltonists years ago was in the passage in Book IV:
> Subjection...
> by her yielded, by him best received,
> Yielded with coy submission, modest pride,
> And sweet reluctant amorous dismay. IV.308-11.
> And indeed that wonderful rendering of line 311 occurred more than once. 
> Fortunately, I suppose, the distinguished Miltonist who uttered the line 
> did not put it into print.
> Mario DiCesare
> Asheville, NC

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