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Thanks Michael O'Connell for that.  A chuckle is a nice way to start another busy day.

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On 10/20/09 6:11 PM, "Michael O'Connell" <oconnell at english.ucsb.edu> wrote:

Ah, the pleasure of typos!

I've been using the Everyman Complete English Poems of Milton this term,
edited by our extraordinarily learned colleague Gordon Campbell.  One
word that escaped Gordon's eye was in PL 4, 321, where we learn that
Adam and Eve were "the liveliest pair / That ever since in love's
embraces met".  A mischievous typographer?  My students were
understandably a bit disappointed when, duty bound, I gave them the true
reading of the line.

But who's to say that A & E were not also the liveliest pair in their
love's embraces?

Michael O'Connell
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