[Milton-L] Help with a pedagogical question

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Tue Oct 20 19:04:47 EDT 2009

David Ainsworth wrote:
> I'm finding the responses so far to Margie's original message
> fascinating and informative.
> I wonder if the problem with the "we read of Christ that" construction
> isn't the "Christ" part but the "we read of?"  As Margie points out in
> her comment, the writer is effectively citing John as (ahem) gospel in a
> way which implies that any reader will accept it as such.

Why can't "every reader"  take care of his/her own response rather
thanhave the writer perform contortions to icnlude everyone? I'm sure
most non-Christians in the class could do so, and most Christians could
also do so in a class in which Herbert (say) was treated as a
magnificent expression of a dead world view.(I speak as a life-long
atheist). And why should the professor not do the same: let his/her
students defend themselves. I'm retired now, but over my 40+ years of
teaching I spole alwasys, implictly, from my own standpoint on anything,
and listened to students who objected. (The only times it was
embarassing at all was twice when a student (a) liked me and (b) was
worried about my going to Hell. On those two occasions I was merely as
gentle as possible.)


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