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A brilliant suggestion - after all, Eve was the first of the pair to express curiosity about the movement of the heavenly bodies: would Adam have thought to raise the subject if she hadn't first suggested it? Milton must have been aware (I hope) of marrital situations in which the wife was brighter that her husband but had to act subservient to get away with it.


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Back from holidays I have been trying to read all the mails in 
arrears. As one thing keeps coming back in my mind related to the above 
subject   -though the discussion on Eve's temptation has come to an 
end - I would like to write it down. My intuition is that Eve, though she may 
have been physically inferior to Adam - she was created out of Adam - and the 
average man being physically stronger than the average women in the world as we 
know it - yet she may have been intellectually his superior - we do not 
know. Aware of this ( the intellectually stronger almost always 
is) she may have been seeking inner balance by thinking she could cope 
with the matter regarding the tree of knowledge (!). So I do not 
think Eve was seeking temptation but self -assertion! I am sure this is not 
scholarly enough, yet perhaps worth thinking about.
Enna Martina.
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