[Milton-L] Eve seeking temptation

Ernst Oor eoor at planet.nl
Wed Oct 7 11:41:53 EDT 2009

Back from holidays I have been trying to read all the mails in arrears. As one thing keeps coming back in my mind related to the above subject   -though the discussion on Eve's temptation has come to an end - I would like to write it down. My intuition is that Eve, though she may have been physically inferior to Adam - she was created out of Adam - and the average man being physically stronger than the average women in the world as we know it - yet she may have been intellectually his superior - we do not know. Aware of this ( the intellectually stronger almost always is) she may have been seeking inner balance by thinking she could cope with the matter regarding the tree of knowledge (!). So I do not think Eve was seeking temptation but self -assertion! I am sure this is not scholarly enough, yet perhaps worth thinking about.


Enna Martina.

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