[Milton-L] Help with a pedagogical question

Gregory Machacek Gregory.Machacek at marist.edu
Sat Oct 3 12:17:09 EDT 2009

By the way, when I meet with formulations like the one that started this
thread--"we read in X that"--I don't necessarily feel excluded, even if I
haven't read the text in question.  I sometimes feel *included* in the
community of people that know that X is a text worth reading, of people
educated enough to know something about X even though I haven't read it
yet, etc.  And, as many other's have already said on this matter, when I do
get to X, I'll try to read it sympathetically, imaginatively sharing the
premises of the author, as well as I can reconstruct them--in a word, as an
Xian would.

Greg Machacek
Professor of English
Marist College

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