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The expression "Common Era" refers to the fact that the Western calendar is
now used around the world. It does not claim that Christianity is now the
world's religion. Many Muslim countries count years from the Hegira, but
their texts often include translations into the CE system as well.
On Milton avoiding the title "Christ"-- he uses the title "Messiah," which
of course means the same thing. IN PL 5, the Son is "proclaimed" and
"declared" Messiah, emphasizing that it is a role or title. In book 6, JM
uses the term frequently in the argument and in the verse as the Son acts in
his role as king and conqueror during the revolt and war in Heaven. I
suppose JM considered that the role of Messiah is only a limited aspect of
what the Son is. Neither "Jesus" nor "Christ" is an adequate naming.

 It isn't Messiah in this narrow sense that illuminates Herbert's window and
his preacher, but the "eternal Word" (line 1).
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