[Milton-L] Help with a pedagogical question

Harold Skulsky hskulsky at smith.edu
Thu Oct 1 16:01:47 EDT 2009

"Yes, it is 'common era,' which reinforces John's point -- common to what?  On what grounds?"

I second the request for a bit of lexicography on the precise sense of "common" here. 

How does the contrast between common and peculiar, or shared and unshared, apply in this context? In what sense do both groups have the period after Christ's conception "in common," but not the period before Christ's conception? In what sense does one group enjoy sole ownership of the earlier period? And what are the contrasting groups here? Christians vs. Jews? Gentiles vs. Jews? Other?

Let me take this opportunity to join those who have expressed their gratitude for Richard Strier's work.

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