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.>     .  But in your
>     concluding paragraph, when you say that in John
>     "we read of Christ that. . ." you not only reveal
>     your faith position, but include your reader in
>     that community.  What if the person reading your
>     discussion of the poem does not identify as a
>     Christian?  Is that person excluded from the
>     paper's audience?  Does the argument's success
>     require that readers share this faith position?
In the past, I've approached this issue as a matter of courtesy and inclusion of a general audience. 

If the author of the text under analysis uses the term "Christ," then that would be OK in a paraphrase or analysis.

I discouraged use of first person singular or plural - the royal 'we' is a bit much for college students!

It's even more interesting in a class on the Bible as literature, especially as I am not only a Christian, but an Episcopal priest, and my former employer is a public university.

I'll be curious to see what others say.
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