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Looks interesting . . . but is there something on Milton in any of these? I can't tell from the titles. Possibly the article by Jiwani . . . or by Rahman?
Jeffery Hodges

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Announcing University of Toronto Quarterly 78:2, Spring 2009
Discourses of Security, Peacekeeping Narratives, and the Cultural Imagination in Canada
Now available online at http://utpjournals.metapress.com/content/x8310422ul27/
This issue contains: 
Introduction: Discourses of Security, Peacekeeping Narratives, and the Cultural Imagination in Canada
Heike Härting, Smaro Kamboureli
>From Social Security to Public Safety: Security Discourses and Canadian Citizenship
Janine Brodie
Responsibility, Nostalgia, and the Mythology of Canada as a Peacekeeper
David Jefferess
Helpless Maidens and Chivalrous Knights: Afghan Women in the Canadian Press
Yasmin Jiwani
Mark of Cain(ada): Racialized Security Discourse in Canada's National Newspapers
Wendy Naava Smolash
‘Come on back to the war’: Germany as the Other National Other in Canadian Popular Culture
Mark A. Mccutcheon
The Individual Is International: Discourses of the Personal in Catherine Bush's The Rules of Engagement and Canada's International Policy Statement
Benjamin Authers
Apocalyptic Narrative Recalls and the Human: Rawi Hage's De Niro's Game
Najat Rahman
Afterword: Race, Desire, and Contemporary Security Discourses
Sherene H. Razack
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