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Again, profound "congratulations" to you - Louis,


As well, kindly keep all of us "posted" - referencing the availability of
your book in North America.  




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This is wonderful news.  Congratulations! I've really enjoyed and benefited
from your work on this subject.







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>>> "Schwartz, Louis" <lschwart at richmond.edu> 07/14/09 1:47 PM >>> 

Apologies for this bit of self-promotion, but I hope that the following will
be of interest to the members of the list:




I'm delighted to announce that my book, Milton and Maternal Mortality, is
now available from Cambridge University Press in the U.K., and that copies
will be available in North America later in the summer.




You can read samples from a scan of the book (and either order or preorder a
copy) at the CUP website:


















Samples can also be accessed at various on-line booksellers:




Amazon (UK):






Amazon (US):






Amazon (Canada):








The acknowledgments contain many thanks to many of you out there, including
a general one to the list and to Kevin Creamer for dreaming up the idea of
an internet discussion devoted to Milton back in the early 90's.  The
discussions here have helped me in innumerable ways over the years.  So,
again, let me say thank you to all of you for keeping this virtual community
going.  I hope that you'll find the book useful and interesting.




All the best,










Louis Schwartz


Associate Professor of English


University of Richmond


Richmond, VA  23173


(804) 289-8315


lschwart at richmond.edu








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