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Dear scholars,

I am wondering if anyone knows the name of the titles of the following:
€ an article on factory workers reciting parts of the Hell Books of Paradise
Lost.  I believe there was a presentation at a Murfreesboro Conference on
this topic and that the author was planning on publishing the work.  In case
the conference paper did not make it to publication, the name of the author
of the conference paper would be great, if anyone knows her.
€ an article within the past decade on a publisher in the British-American
colonies that promoted Milton¹s works.
€ a book from the 1950s-1980s on early modern literature (perhaps
specifically on Shakespeare, perhaps including Milton) that shares the
anecdote of unplanned recitations, by individuals and by groups, of
Shakespeare¹s works during World War II in various intense domains ‹ on the
trains on which they were escaping bombs, in shelters, etc.

Many thanks.

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