[Milton-L] De Doctrina Christiana

Michael Gillum mgillum at unca.edu
Wed Jan 14 14:08:45 EST 2009

Adam and (indirectly) Eve are granted special and nearly doubt-proof
knowledge of the Christian revelation, which granting itself seems to be an
instance of ³peculiar grace²-- they know that, if they remain faithful, they
will be rescued from death. This again would fit with the idea of ³peculiar
grace² as a booster rather than an irrevocable predestination.


On 1/14/09 1:39 PM, "Jason Kerr" <aelfric at gmail.com> wrote:

> [. . .] does his extraordinary experience of Michael's vision/narration
> bespeak a particular kind of election? Does this mean that Adam is one "of
> peculiar grace"? Or is Eve rather the one "of peculiar grace," as John Rumrich
> suggests might be the case, since the prophetic process seems not to have been
> necessary for her in quite the same way?

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