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James Rovira wrote:

"Jeffery -- This will be an attempt to create a visual image of the conception of time Harold Skulsky has been presenting.  Milton may have been working with a conception of time in which, if time is a line drawn on a chalkboard, God would be the chalkboard, so that every moment in time is equally 'present' to God, as opposed to time for someone on the line, which may be thought of / experienced as a succession of moments. I don't recall the patristic source for this idea offhand. Anselm? Not sure. God's 'appearance' in time in this view of time is not problematic, as God is ever present within time, all time simultaneously." 
Thanks. I'm aware of this imagery. I was simply wondering if Milton had more at stake in using the term "foreknow." From the perspective of Middle Knowledge theology, God's foreknowledge could mean His Middle Knowledge itself . . . I think.
In the explanation that you and Professor Skulsky refer to, the term "foreknowledge" would appear to be a condescension to the audience, which is timebound.
Jeffery Hodges
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