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I too find Dr. Maxwell's posts most engaging and lucent, and I wanted to
draw particular attention to the remark below, as I think it's crucial
to the whole discussion. Not unproblematic, no, but crucial. The "ways
of God to men" Milton seeks to justify are primarily, originally (in the
sense of first things) the ways of God before the Fall, when the Father
"suffers Adam to transgress" (richly suggestive diction there in


The entire discussion is unusually rich and involving. What Louis writes
about peculiar grace is only the latest example. (I agree with the
thrust of his inquiry as I understand it.) I wish I had world enough and
time to attend as I would like! There are essential matters here and I'm
learning a great deal from the parts of the exchange I'm able to follow.
Thanks to all.


Gardner Campbell


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On the free will defense: it is easy to forget (I do so all the time
anyway) that the poem means prelapsarian free will, not free will dogged
by depravity and the absence, if it is absent, of right reason following
the fall.  


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