[Milton-L] De Doctrina Christiana

Harold Skulsky hskulsky at email.smith.edu
Mon Jan 12 21:32:21 EST 2009

Steve Fallon is well able to speak for himself. But as I read his cogent reply to Kim Maxwell, he nowhere concedes that PL is inconsistent on matters theological. On the contrary, he shows that (pace Mr. Maxwell) the Father's remarks on Justification are internally consistent, as well as perfectly consonant with the corresponding discussion in PL. As for the supposed contradiction in God's foreknowledge of Adam's fall, divine knowledge of future contingents is a hoary truism of Christian theology (going back at least to Boethius), and most theologians (including of course Milton), as well as most of his lay contemporaries, take it on board with no discomfort; the burden of proof is on those who think these benighted folk are the victims of a logical gaffe from which only Molinism can rescue them.

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