[Milton-L] Paradise Lost Parallel Prose Edition -- correction

Dennis Danielson danielso at interchange.ubc.ca
Sat Jan 10 15:26:31 EST 2009

Dear Miltonists,

Whether or not confession is always good for the soul, sometimes it's 
just necessary. So here goes. If anyone is using my "Parallel Prose" 
edition of PL in a class, please tell your students that in Book 3, line 
55, Milton is asking the Muse for help to "Tell of things invisible to 
mortal sight"--NOT "invisible to mortal fight"! :-(

My text of PL was based on a scan, and you know how it is with those 
pesky long esses. Furthermore, the more familiar a line is, the less 
likely one's eye is to notice what's wrong. In any case, please accept 
my abject apologies. A correction has already been sent to the printer, 
so that  copies appearing toward the end of this month should be purged 
of the error.

Dennis D

p.s. You can find various links related to the parallel edition here:


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