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Fri Jan 9 15:34:59 EST 2009

Can you really distinguish between "classical" and "Christian" in most
western Christian thinking prior to the Reformation?

Jim R

On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 3:30 PM, Michael Bryson <michael.bryson at csun.edu>wrote:

> *Paradise Lost* is also deeply "classical" in its "tone, reference,
> coloring" (if not theology, though I would argue even that point, given what
> I see as a profound Platonist/Neoplatonist element in the poem that aligns
> rather nicely with certain Greek Orthodox theological ideas--deification
> being merely one example off the top of my head; another would be the idea
> of the divine that abides within all things in what the Heyschast tradition
> refers to as the energies of God [essentially, the divine as manifested in
> creation]), but it is not therefore simply and reductively a "classical"
> poem (whatever that might mean).
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