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According to the historicism that informs so much contemporary Milton criticism
today, Peter is right. (Consider the oxymoron in that sentence.)  But in terms
of reception history, PL has become an increasingly ecumenical work embraced for
its theology as much as its poetry (and what a hard task to divide those two,
difficult as sorting the seeds) by Christians of all sorts, not so much a "mere
Christianity" as a vivid and provocative one, powerfully felt if not always
doctrinally parsed.

John Savoie
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

> On 1/8/09 4:01 PM, "Peter C. Herman" <herman2 at mail.sdsu.edu> wrote:
> > Dear All,
> >
> > I wonder if perhaps we could try for more precise
> > terminology than "Christian," since the
> > definition of that term for Milton (and others)
> > was very much in dispute. Catholicism, for
> > example, is for Milton (and others) "popery," and
> > not to be tolerated in the well-regulated
> > commonwealth. And I remember that Calvin's
> > Catholic antagonists called him an "atheist." To
> > call PL a "Christian" poem, therefore, implies an
> > ecumenicism that I do not think is warranted by
> > either the times or the text itself.
> >
> > Peter C. Herman

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