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Perhaps of interest to readers in London.


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>  1649 and the Execution of King Charles
>  30 January 1649 is the day when King Charles 1st   was beheaded and
> the Commonwealth of Oliver   Cromwell, the foundation of modern
> Parliamentary   democracy, came into effective being. It was a
> revolutionary moment and it brought onto the   historical stage
> people, ideas and movements that   went well beyond anything that
> Cromwell and  the senior leadership of the New Model Army had   in
> mind. Brian Manning in his seminal book on 1649   notes that this was
> a year when popular   mobilisations did not happen. There was no
> popular uprising to mark the Commonwealth, and   no popular protest at
> the execution of the King.  There was however an Army revolt at
> Burford, also   celebrating its anniversary this year, which was
> brutally put down by Cromwell. 1649  was also the year when Cromwell
> landed in Dublin   to initiate brutal  episodes in Ireland.
>  This conference will look at the liberties and   democratic
> practices  ushered in by 1649 and at those who wanted to   take them
> further.
>  1649 and the execution of King Charles
>  Saturday 7 February 2009
>  Venue: Institute of Historical Research, Senate
>  House, London.
>  Programme
>  9.30 Registration (Wolfson Room)
>  10.00-11.15 Welcome and Keynote addresses   (Wolfson Room)  Chair:
> Keith Flett, LSHG  Geoffrey Robertson, author of The Tyrannicide
> Brief  John Rees, author of A Rebel's Guide to Milton,   forthcoming
>  11.15-11.30 Coffee
>  11.30-12.30 PANEL ONE: Cromwell's coalition and   its critics
> (Wolfson Room)  Chair: David Renton, LSHG  Martyn Everett, 'The
> Agitators between Rebellion   and Reaction'  Dr. Ariel Hessayon,
> Goldsmiths College, 'Early   modern Communism: the  Diggers and
> community of goods'
>  11.30-12.30 PANEL TWO: 1649 in contemporary   eyes (Pollard Room)
> Chair: Tobas Abse, LSHG  Claudia Guli, University of Melbourne,
> 'Historical   Precedent in  Contemporary Justifications of the Trial
> of Charles
>  I'
>  Ángel Alloza, CSIC (Spain), '"An Outrageous   Incident": the
> execution  of Kings Charles seen from Abroad'
>  12.30-1.30 Lunch
>  1.30-2.30 PANEL THREE: The regicide, terror and   Restoration
> (Pollard Room)  Chair: David Renton, LSHG  Jerome de Groot, University
> of Manchester,   '"Original Villany":  Foundational Terrorism'  Alan
> Marshall, Bath Spa University, 'The Trials of   Thomas Harrison,
> regicide'
>  1.30-2.30 PANEL FOUR: The Republic and   something more (Wolfson
> Room)  Chair: Paul Burnham, LSHG  Alejandro Doering De Rio, Queen's
> College   Cambridge, 'James Harrington  as a theorist of political of
> equality'  Dr John Seed, Roehampton University, 'The   politics of
> remembering: the  execution of Charles I in C18th England'
>  2.30-2.45 Coffee
>  2.45-4.00 Closing Plenary (Wolfson Room)  Chair: Keith Flett  Norah
> Carlin, author of The Causes of the English   Civil War  Geoff
> Kennedy, author of Diggers, Levellers and   Agrarian Capitalism
> £10 waged / £5 unwaged. Order from Keith Flett
> keith1917 at btinternet.com
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