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Milton in America

Announcing a special issue of University of Toronto Quarterly


Milton in America, edited by Paul Stevens and Patricia Simmons, offers a
series of fresh new perspectives on the presence of Milton in American
literature and culture. It seeks to investigate and complicate the received
wisdom implicit in the old claim that 'Milton is more emphatically American
than any author who has lived in the United States.' This important
collection of seven new essays by leading international scholars from
Britain, Canada, and the United States offers insight into both the ways
Milton was re-shaped by his reception into American culture and, conversely,
the ways the great poet's writings often stimulated opposition to
conventional American norms. 



Milton in America: Introduction

Paul Stevens


Cold War Milton

Sharon Achinstein


Milton among the Pragmatists

David Hawkes


Un-American Milton

Christopher Kendrick


Milton and the Pursuit of Happiness

Catherine Gimelli Martin


Liberty Before and After Liberalism: Milton's Shifting Politics and the
Current Crisis in Liberal Theory

Feisal G. Mohamed


Contemporary Ancestors of de Bry, Hobbes, and Milton

Mary Nyquist


Limited quantities available. UTQ 77.3, Milton in America, also available
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