[Milton-L] De Doctrina Christiana

Michael Gillum mgillum at unca.edu
Sun Jan 4 15:58:16 EST 2009

Hannibal Hamlin and Larry Islitt,

Just to clarify, I was agreeing with CS Lewis¹s belief that Milton held
unorthodox views but did not ³advertise² (as John Leonard put it) or flaunt
them in PL. He dramatized them in an unobtrusive way, presenting the Son as
a secondary figure, agent of the Father, but avoiding having any speaker
state Arian doctrines explicitly. He was, in a word, tactful‹ not a quality
we normally associate with Milton. This approach allowed Johnson to read the
poem without noticing the heterodoxy and Lewis to notice but dismiss it as
unimportant. Lewis said something like ³the essentials are all there²
(quoting from dim memory).

I don¹t think anyone in this thread has claimed that PL is orthodox.

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