[Milton-L] De Doctrina Christiana

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sun Jan 4 15:37:55 EST 2009

jonnyangel wrote:
> I'm inclined to ask Michael's questions on Kim's post: if PL isn't
> Trinitarian nor Arian, then what is it?

Try another kind of question. Why is it so easy for readers who are
_entierely_ non-religious (who, like me, are atheists by birthright more
than merit) to respond positively to Milton's poem. I have a somewhat
more difficult time with Herbert, and Crashaw I find unreadable, but my
response to theological questions in Milton is as "distant" as is my
response, in the Iliad, to whether or not Zeus can reverse Fate. (There
has been scholarly dispute on this question.) One is always interested
in achieving a 'correct' construal of a text, and thus I am interested
in the debate, but my feeling for the poem is not in the least touched
by whether it is trinitarian or unitarian.


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