[Milton-L] Areopagitica in the NYPL

Horace Jeffery Hodges jefferyhodges at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 10 17:30:00 EST 2009

Martin, thanks for the links anyway, whoever you may be, and here are some more for the Milton List -- posted to my blog in a comment from Malcolm Pollack:

That doorway (which happens to be a mere two blocks from my office) is the entry to the Main Reading Room:
 from the Catalog Room:
Many thanks to Malcolm for these images. He's the same man who helped get Google to restore my blog to the internet within a week of its removal by Google for reasons still unexplained:

Was it something I said? Google didn't say.
Jeffery Hodges

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To be clear, those are not my photographs!  I'm just practiced in the art of googling (contact me offlist if you need any help with EEBO, JSTOR, and the like, hehe).

(And no, I'm not the author of Scarecrow's Bible.  Now I'll have to start using my middle name!)

I hope the photos served as a nice Monday diversion.  Sorry if we sat too long on trifles. 
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