[Milton-L] Areopagitica in the NYPL

James Rovira jamesrovira at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 16:21:45 EST 2009

I haven't found the image yet, but I did find this from the digital
version of the Library Handbook:

<<Over the door leading from the Public Catalogue
Room to the Main Reading Room is inscribed the
famous quotation from Milton's "Areopagitica":

A good Booke

is the pretious life-blood of a

mafter fpirit, embalm'd and treafur'd

up on purpofe to a life beyond life

[ 29] >>


So now you know where to look for it: over a door leading in to the
Main Reading Room.  Plenty of photos of the -inside- of the main
reading room, of course.  If no one else comes up with anything,
perhaps you could email the librarians again with a more exact

Jim R

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