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Sounds great! But I passed out last night and slept on top of my glasses
which are completely destroyed, and I am blind without them.

You mentioned that it would be a fine place to write, but does it come
furnished with an amanuensis? Or would that drive the ($$$) up by a $?

On 2/2/09 9:34 PM, "Nancy Charlton" <pastorale55 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> With only the most tenuous of connections to Milton, I¹d like to let list
> members know of a most idyllic spot in which to spend a winter sabbatical or a
> summer vacation. 
> My sister and bro-in-law have an awesomely beautiful home at Eastsound, Orcas
> Island Washington. Besides their own house (where they are now living
> year-round), there is a house that is rented by the week in summer ($$$$) and
> for a longer term  ($$$) during the winter.  It is a fully furnished
> three-bedroom, two-bath home, with two fireplaces, wood stove, full kitchen,
> washer and dryer, broadband TV and internet.  It¹s 20 miles from the ferry,
> and handy to the airport and Eastsound, the only town in America which
> repeatedly rejects franchises and has only a modest Starbucks.  Good shopping,
> including bookstores, and fabulous restaurants.
> AND, the house is right on the beach! If you look at a map, you'll see that
> Orcas is a big horseshoe-shaped island, and the house is right at the top of
> the horseshoe. It looks out to the north on beautiful sunsets and the southern
> end of the Georgia Straits; you see a lot of ships heading in and out of
> Vancouver. Sometimes you can see the northern lights, and more stars than you
> ever knew existed if you live in a city.  The weather is a little drier and
> warmer than most of Puget Sound.
> This year they didn¹t have a tenant for the entire winter, so it¹s now
> available until June 1. As I said, it¹s secluded but hardly boring, and would
> be a fine place to study and write. Other years they¹ve had tenants who have
> done just that.  
> If you¹re interested, please reply to me offlist, and I¹ll have my sis contact
> you. Feel free to pass this along to others who might be interested. Apologies
> for cross-posting, and thanks for indulging this non-topic post­ though I
> suppose the Miltonists could liken this to Horton (if not Eden) and the
> Shakespeareans to Illyria.
> Sincerely,
> Nancy Charlton
> Nancy Charlton
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