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Dear Stephen,

   About pain, you may want to direct your student to my articles, "The
Wounded Earth in PARADISE LOST," in STUDIES IN PHILOLOGY 93 (1996):
93-115.   Yes, it's probably human or Satanic pain your student intended but
this geological version may be illuminating.

   About Eve's dream, a classic essay is W. B. Hunter's "Eve's Demonic
Dream," in ELH 13 (1946): 255-65.  A more recent, feminist reading is by
Margo Swiss, "Repairing Androgyny: Eve's Tears in PL," in SPEAKING GRIEF IN

  I'm currently finishing a book on Milton and the passions that touches on
both concerns.

  Good luck,

   Rich DuRocher

On 4/29/09, spender at uwindsor.ca <spender at uwindsor.ca> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am turning to Milton for the next month or so, and have two questions.  I
> haven't been on this list in some time, so please forgive the following if
> queries if they have been explored recently.
> First, a question for a student: is there any scholarly work that concerns
> pain in Paradise Lost?  I pointed her to Lieb's Milton and Violence, but
> don't know the secondary literature intimately enough for other suggestions.
> Second, a question for my own work: is there any scholarship on Adam's
> interpretation of Eve's dream in book five of PL?  I have read David Aers'
> piece in Peter Brown's collection Reading Dreams, but am curious if any of
> the illustrious members of Milton-L might direct me to other sources.
> With all best wishes,
> Stephen
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