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Dear all,

I am turning to Milton for the next month or so, and have two questions. I 
haven't been on this list in some time, so please forgive the following if 
queries if they have been explored recently. 

First, a question for a student: is there any scholarly work that concerns 
pain in Paradise Lost?  I pointed her to Lieb's Milton and Violence, but 
don't know the secondary literature intimately enough for other 

Second, a question for my own work: is there any scholarship on Adam's 
interpretation of Eve's dream in book five of PL?  I have read David Aers' 
piece in Peter Brown's collection Reading Dreams, but am curious if any of 
the illustrious members of Milton-L might direct me to other sources. 

With all best wishes,

Stephen Pender, Ph.D.
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University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada N9B 3P4
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