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Mallarme said "there is no such thing as prose. . . There is the alphabet. . . and as long as there is a straining toward style, there is versification."And if we consider Frost's definition of metaphor- that it is "saying one thing in terms of another," language must be metaphor. But for what?Tony

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> Can you give me a reason to accept this definition, Salwa?  Doesn't it
> ultimately descend from thinking that would have us ban all poets from
> our ideal Republic?  If we were to extend our thought along these
> lines we might also consider all language as metaphor, and therefore
> all language as poetry, and perhaps then we should abandon either the
> word "poetry" or "language" as they have become co-extensive.
> I think our real options here are "limited" or "rigid" or "narrow"
> definitions of the word poetry -- which is what I thought any
> definition is to begin with -- or no meaningful definition at all.
> Jim R
> On Sat, Apr 25, 2009 at 4:20 PM, Salwa Khoddam <skhoddam at cox.net> wrote:
>> Where there's metaphor, there's poetry.
>> Salwa
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