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Why is ³Paradise Regained² lost in the shadow of ³Paradise Lost²? I¹ve never
understood this. PR is freaking phenomenal! It¹s a third of PL, but still...

Thematically it deals with (in my opinion) the most fascinating part in the
Scriptures: Satan¹s temptation of Christ. It doesn¹t get any ³bigger²
(thematically) than that. And it¹s a staggering piece of writing. And the
way he takes creative license but never loses the core of the story is
simply amazing. 

So is it overlooked just because it¹s a ³mini-epic²? Is there something I¹m

And why can¹t I read it without a bag of chips or some food at hand? Why am
I asking so many questions?

-- Jonathan?

To whom our Saviour with unalter'd brow.
Thy coming hither, though I know thy scope,
I bid not or forbid; do as thou find'st [ 495 ]
Permission from above; thou canst not more.

He added not; and Satan bowing low
His gray dissimulation, disappear'd
Into thin Air diffus'd: for now began
Night with her sullen wing to double-shade [ 500 ]
The Desert; Fowls in thir clay nests were couch't;
And now wild Beasts came forth the woods to roam.

(Brrrrrrr...that¹s some chilly stuff.)

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