[Milton-L] Alright...

Kemmer Anderson kanderso at mccallie.org
Fri Apr 24 09:33:59 EDT 2009

>After drinking my way out of seminary, getting out the V.A. 
>hosipital in '72, shoveling horse in manure for a long while, I went 
>back for a teacher's certificate on the GI Bill at Pembroke, a 
>school really dedicated for helping veterans. I wrote the couplet 
>for a Modern Grammar class. "A comma, a comma,/ Put it wherever you 
>wanna." Needless to say Mrs. Framer was more determined than ever to 
>shape up a future teacher. Keep plugging away, but remember when you 
>arrive in the classroom, we are raising citizens by encouragement 
>and wit. Do well on the 3 papers. Who knows? You may be taking to 
>Milton to inner city or rural counties.  Or maybe you should go to 
>Arizona for Milton studies and converse in poetry to the desert and 
>the Grand Canyon. Do finish the Shakespeare short story. Get some 
>publication scores.  Do well on exams. Let the Muse take your 
>steering wheel there is no "right side" or "wrong way" to make a 
>poem or a writer. Just "raise" words. Like sentences most 
>relationships end with a period although I heard a black preacher 
>say death is just a semi-colon. Keep writing, Mr. Angel.
>I want my punctuation
>on the opposite side
>of your quotation marks.
>I want to drive my car
>down your two lane highway's
>in the lane just to your left.
>I want to hold my steering wheel
>on the right side of your wrong way,
>just to see if you're still awake.
>I want to raise you, and tilt you
>on your fragile axis
>to find out how much of you
>can fill your own Grand Canyon.
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