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Fri Apr 24 05:45:54 EDT 2009

Well, I did say right off the bat that I hoped he was being sarcastic, or
just had a loose definition. (Sarcasm is hard to convey/read on the net).
But perhaps if I were paying closer attention, I would have picked up on it
(I¹m writing 3 papers). I¹ll tell you though, I¹ve heard wackier stuff on
this list that was 100% sincere.

Please summer, save my wretched ass -


On 4/23/09 11:28 PM, "Horace Jeffery Hodges" <jefferyhodges at yahoo.com>

> Jonny, concerning your reading of Jim's posts:
>> "And you being a wise a$$ about it is only showing your lack of knowledge
>> about what poetry really is."
> Jim's defense of Wittgenstein as a poet and the Tractatus as poetry has been
> entirely ironic. He quoted Wittgenstein's Tractatus as 'poetry' to demonstrate
> that it is not poetry.
> In short, he was agreeing with you against Carrol. When you misunderstood him,
> he exaggerated his ironic defense of the Tractatus as poetry. I presume that
> he thought that you would catch on.
> Jeffery Hodges
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