[Milton-L] Is Paradise Lost

jonnyangel junkopardner at comcast.net
Wed Apr 22 19:43:31 EDT 2009

> jonnyangel wrote:
>> Well, if that¹s the case then Milton was the greatest playwright of
>> all time.
> Are you serious, clowningn, or a  clown by nature?
> Carrol

It was a joke. It was a response to whoever said that "poetry" in the early
modern era was defined as drama *and* verse. Although this was true (going
back to the Greeks), it would be like saying that a novel or a film is
"poetry" now. They push fiction writers to read, study and write poetry
because it makes a fiction writer a better writer. They're two totally
different crafts, and playwrights and screenwriters are even further out.

"Poetry is a bird. Prose is a potato."

- Billy Collins

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