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Jesse Swan jesse.swan at uni.edu
Wed Apr 22 08:45:47 EDT 2009

Very glad Carrol is back to the list!  What great, humane sense he 
typically makes, as here.  (And I trust the paper turned out as you 
like, Carrol.  I can well imagine the reward I would have had as an 
auditor, especially as I might have learned how you treat her 
spontaneity, something I seem always to pervert.)


Carrol Cox wrote:
> (I'm coming in late on this thread because last week I was desperately
> trying to finish a paper on Rosa Luxemburg Historicizes the Present"
> before I had to read it at Left Forum last Saturday. Just began reading
> these yesterday.)
> Scriblerus Tertius wrote:
>> This discussion is starting to grate on my nerves.
>> Dear Moderator,
>> Can you play Milton the liscenser and ban jonnyangel?
> I sympathize with the sentiment, but you can't really blame the first
> car in line: that's a reference to the 'old days' of two-lane highways.
> When a long string of cars built up behind a slow-moving car, the one to
> blame was the second car. The first car was just doing its thing; the
> second car, however, had presumably been driving faster to catch up with
> the first, and hence he/she was the one who needed to pass the first
> car, since it is _much_ harder to get around two cars than one. Same
> thing here. Jonnyangel is just doing his thing; the one's to blame are
> the one's who pick up his thing and run with it. Besides, every 5th or
> 6th post has something interesting to say by diverging from the nominal
> topic.
> Carrol
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