[Milton-L] Is Paradise Lost

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Tue Apr 21 22:59:58 EDT 2009

gilliaca at jmu.edu wrote:
> And I think over time people can grow new receptors, and perhaps other receptors fade with time.  I really DON'T think I could read "Black Beauty" with the same pleasure now that it gave me when I craved horses.

Yes. For decades I had no "receptors" for the Prelude; I reread it 4 or
5 times, & never connecteed. Then a few years ago (when I was 73,74 or
so, I read it again and it simply exploded on me. 


P.S. My reading of Proust was interrupted, about 2/3s of the way
through, by one of my recurrent bouts of depression (which had the
intellectual effect of a quart of karo syrup poured over the brain), but
while I was reading it I thought it was about the most fun of any book I
had ever read.

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