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³Sublime², as you say, could not exist without the inane, could it? So in
that sense, the ³inane² serves a very important function. For instance, it
provides academics the opportunity to be patronizing and condescending to
those they believe to be intellectually anemic and inferior to them. So,
heck, following that line of ³inane² rational, you should probably, uh, I
don¹t know...send me a Thank You card? No? Well, ok...

Look, I¹m just a student, alright? I don¹t have a BA, MFA or PhD after my
name (and even if I did I would still get better dental care in jail). The
question of whether or not PL is the greatest work ever written in the
English language was not my question; I just simply responded to it. When
Bill got drug out of the Œol closet, I said what I had to say about his
³poetry² and body of work compared to Milton. I was personally received with
some disrespect, and what did I do? Well, I gave some back. Some have said
that I live in the Old Testament, but I really don¹t. In my world, if you
take one of my eyes, I¹ll take ³both² of yours, and then I¹ll tell you (as
you¹re stumbling around in darkness) that in the land of the blind, the one
eyed man is king. I know it¹s unfair, but this is also why you shouldn¹t
flip strangers off ­ because you never know...
And for the life of me I can¹t understand why someone who is disrespectful
to someone should expect anything else in return. Madonna sang, ³We are
living/in a Material World², and John Milton sang that we are living in a
Post Lapsarian world (same song, really). I didn¹t break the world, I just
shuck all the blame onto my first Grandparent's while wading though the mess
that they left me in their will.
And what would you do if someone suggested (on a Milton list, no less) that
you should be removed? Oh, that¹s right, I almost forgot ­ you will never
face something so egregious because you¹re in the sublime clique of
academia, and students like myself should just kiss the summa cum laude ring
on the royal fingers with a reverend knee dug in the ground.
I¹m not directing this at you personally, but respect is a two way street.
And I don¹t care if you¹re a Professor or the second coming of Otis Redding,
the former should still respect their students and the latter should still
respect their audience ­ because, without them, the Crystal Ball says ³Clean
up on Aisle 9². 

In closing, I read ³The Enclosed Garden in C.S. Lewis¹ The Chronicles of
Narnia², and thought overall it was well done. See? You Love C.S. Lewis, and
I¹ve loved and studied him since I was a child in theology school. And with
all due respect to this ³inane² thread and your two cents on it, my feeling
is that your silent treatment is probably best.



I am like God, and God like me.
I am as large as God, he is as small as I:
He cannot above me, nor I beneath him be.

- Silesius, "The Cherubic Wanderer."

On 4/18/09 12:48 AM, "Salwa Khoddam" <skhoddam at cox.net> wrote:

> Dear Milton Scholars,
> I agree with S.Tertius and others who voiced their opinions about this recent
> thread of "inane" comments.  Why is it that we are keeping this "inane"
> discussion thread going?  Could we not get to the "sublime" without going
> through the "inane"? I don't know what to say against this avalanche of
> disrespectful and warped opinions. I look to this list as a scholarly source
> to advance my knowledge of Milton.  I have learned  much from you and hope to
> continue to do so.  Yes, Milton would burn "inane" books, although he would
> allow them to be published.  So must we use the "delete" key for "inane"
> statements.  Without a moderator, the silent treatment is best.
> Salwa Khoddam
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>> Mr. Angel, 
>> I'm glad to know that you can make words using the most commonly occuring
>> letters in the English language, but I do not understand what you are
>> blathering about. Maybe your synapses are not firing because I never
>> asserted to know Milton better than you.  Milton wasn't "all about
>> censorship." He only wanted things with no orientation to his particular
>> truth  censored. A close reading of _Areopagitica_ will bear that out.
>> Methinks I hit  a nerve.
>> Best,
>> S. Tertius
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>> You know, if ³names² counted in Scrabble, and I  had all the letters of your
>> name, I think I could win every  time.
>> And you obviously know and understand Milton far greater that I  ever could,
>> because you can see that he was all about censorship, whereas  I¹ve been
>> blinded to that.
>> So, thanks.
>> [chewing my  self-censoring tongue bloody]
>> JA 
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